Giant Games Hire
Table Top Games | Beat Buzzer

We hire our the following sorts of Giant Games for parties, events and other fun times!

Football Table, Air Hockey, Table Tennis, Jenga, Connect Four, Snakes & Ladders, Beat the Buzzer, Draughts /Chess, Darts Noughts & Crosses, Kurplunk, Table Tennis, Basket Ball.

Chase the Light Hire

Compete against your opponent to hit the lights flashing in front of you to collect points the highest score at the end wins but be careful not to hit the wrong button and you will lose points.

For more information on or a quote on hiring this or any of our other equipment please use contact us.

Football Table Hire

The football tables we have available for hire are high quality and very robust if you would like a free quote on hiring any of our football tables or any other equipment we supply please use the contact information above.

Beat the Buzzer Hire

This is an F1 themed game, race Maclaren against Ferrari. See who holds there nerve as you race, face to face. If you go to fast and touch the wire, the light and buzzer on your side will go off, and the other player wins. If you work your way across the wire first, you win.

Garden Games Hire

Basketball Hire

Table Tennis Hire

We have high quality table tennis tables available for hire.

Please contact us for details on pricing and booking.

Air Hockey Hire

The classic family game at the arcade bought to you, the air hockey tables we have for hire are a high quality light weight design meaning they can be set up in most spaces for you.

If you would like a free quote for hiring air hockey tables or any of our other equipment please contact us.